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What is Ketamine

Ketamine is primarily used for the treatment and maintenance of anesthesia. It provides, a trance-like state ( hallucination) or commonly called tripping. it helps with treating chronic pain relief, sedation, and amnesia.

What are ketamine side effects

The effects of ketamine depends  on the (dose) ,  body weight and metabolism of the user.  How often you use it, what form you’re using (IV, oral, nasal, powder), and whether you’re using ketamine alone or with other substances.

What Does Ketamine Feel Like?

In lower doses, the effects of ketamine resemble alcohol intoxication, in Higher doses  ketamine feel very different. They can make you feel withdrawn and introverted, and  In very high doses, people experience what’s commonly referred to as a K-hole — which involves strong out-of-body hallucinations.

Some describe the K-hole experience to be like “peering into the keyhole of existence.

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